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Batch codes can be hard to read, but are very important. Codes are used to keep track of the age of a wine kit, as well as are required if there are any questions with a kit quality. If there is no production code on the box, don`t buy it! Old past date wine and beer kits can taste “tired” or “flabby” as they are well beyond the peak time that they are designed for. Wine does not age or improve in the box.

At The Home Vintner we 100% guarantee our wine and beer kits are not stale dated. (Please save your batch code sticker from every kit that you make with your winemaking notes!) We are very careful about keeping track of codes in our stores to ensure that the product you buy will be at its best. You’ve invested time and money in your wine kit choice, so you want it to be well worth making.

Reading a batch code is another story. The code standards change over time, as well as codes can vary from Eastern Canada to Western Canada.

Example code:


118 16 0086  In this kind of standardized code, your important numbers are the 118 16. This kit is made in 2016 on the 118th day of the year. Most of our codes are working towards this format.

Example code:


39444 6140 0226  In this kind of standardized code, your important numbers are the 6140. This kit was made in a year ending in 6 (2016) on the 140th day.