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Wine Guild meeting

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What a fine fall night last evening for our Wine Guild meeting — we were able to sit outside the entire time.    We have arranged to go to Oktoberfest @ Wild Rose Breweries on Oct 18th  /   attend the Vampire Vinos evening at Crowfoot Liquor store on Oct 29 / Darlene is looking into a tour of Fallentimbers Meadery sometime in November / and a date is set in December for our annual Christmas party.

We tried the Cinammon Mead from Fallentimbers & it was a huge success — everyone really liked it — we were somewhat surprised at the light colour,but it did not disappoint.  Several comments were made that it was better than any other commercial mead they had tasted in the past.

We tried the Maple Icewine from BC that our Wende from Rocky M House wanted comments on.   She is smitten with this elixir and wants to create her own.    Ken thought she should use our Sherry kit instead of the Icewine kit and Paul agreed.  It really was very good indeed!    Yummy was a comment I heard!!

Ken was recently in Oregon and brought back a bottle of Spruce Goose ( yes the plane ! ) Pinot Noir.    The label catches the eye,that’s for sure, and inside the bottle did not disappoint either.    It was a nice cherry red colour, with a nice nose, and dark berries on the palate.    Gord brought a well aged Limited Edition Pinot Noir from 2002, & most people preferred Gord’s!

New members always welcome!   We’re just a phone call or an email away!