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White IPA Using Our New Add-Pack


The Home Vintner is always on the hunt for emerging trends in craft beer. Beer Fest sampling and a tasting night at a craft beer pub in Vancouver inspired us to add White IPA to our recipe lineup.

This beer is a hybrid style that is sometimes called a Belgian IPA. It typically uses a Belgian style yeast, plus malts and hops usually found in a North American IPA. The result is a fusion of Belgian Wit and American IPA – all the spice, malt, fruit and hoppy appeal to blend both styles of beer.

If you have not tried one of these yet, there are many commercial craft beer examples available at your local craft beer supplier.

We expect our White IPA add-pack to create a delightful mix of the best of a Belgian Wit (orange peel and coriander) – with more malt, a hit of citrus style hops and an appropriate bittering bite of an American IPA. This beer should deliver incredible nose with lemon, lime, grapefruit and a hint of tropical melon.

Craft and enjoy your own White IPA using: The November Sale Beer: Baron’s Pale Ale + White IPA add-pack + Wyeast Belgian Wit yeast.

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