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When a Hobby Gets Out of Control !

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During my recent trip to Ontario, as usual,  I stayed in the sleepy little fishing village of Erieau.   Erieau is a peninsula surrounded by Lake Erie ( hence the name !! ) with a population of 550 permanent residents.   Because of its sandy beaches and excellent fishing, the population increases to around 2,000 in the summer months.

I always make a point of having dinner at OJ’s, located on the main drag.   OJ’s always serves the Catch of the Day – fresh perch and pickerel… doesn’t get any fresher or better than that.     Upon looking out the window at my table, much to my surprise and delight , I noticed a new business that was not there during my last vist — a Craft Microbrewery!

The name of this new brewery is Bayside Brewing Company, and I stopped in and had a chat with one of the owners, Ken.   What started out as a hobby is now a full-fledged business!    They are still renovating, and are hopeful that next summer, they will be serving pub food along with their craft beer.    They have only made a couple of batches during the short time they have been open , & I admit they were quite good !  One was a lager style and the other a light, summery style which was citrusy to the palate.

I must say this “hobby turned business” is off to a good start!

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