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Great Wine Making Tips – What Kind of Water


“Is water a factor in the success of my wine?”

Tap water is impacted when spring rains bring more particles into the runoff, which translates into more chemicals and processing required to treat the water. Sometimes you can even smell this at your tap.

This is when you need to be more mindful about the quality of water going into your wine or beer. Off flavours and odors may adversely affect the quality of your finished product.

If your water has a lot of hardness or high mineral content, especially iron, it can lead to a permanent haze or off flavours.

If your house is equipped with a salt exchange water softener, that water cannot be used for wine or beer making due to the high sodium levels.

Which Kind of Water Is Best

We strongly suggest the use of REVERSE OSMOSIS water. This type of filtering process removes many types of dissolved and suspended species from water, including bacteria. It is completely neutral in taste and odor, providing an excellent base for achieving award-winning quality from your wine and beer kits.

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