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What about beer machines?

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With 18 years of experience in this business I have seen many gimmicks and stores with bad advice come and go. I think it is time to speak up. This month I will address beer making. When I do a wine & beer making class I always ask how many people have had really bad home made beer. With almost every hand raised we then teach how to make excellent hand crafted beer. We never sell beer kits in a can with the classic cidery home made taste. No short cuts. No expensive beer machines (good luck in trying to make one work). The next time you see a beer making machine in a mall unscrew the lid and sniff the plastic odour. The overall reputation of “Home Made Beer” is poor because of the bottom end of the brewers market. The Home Vintner only focuses on the quality market. When you can make such great world style beers why should you settle for anything less?

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