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Weight of a wine

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To learn the weight of a wine, look at the alcohol content. Less than about 12% alcohol is light wine territory, 12.5-13.5% means medium-bodied and anything higher is full-bodied. Body in wine refers to its weight in the mouth, and is comparable to milk – light is to skim as whole is to full.When you head to the beach most want light. The lightest wines come from cooler climates or microclimates. Germany, Canada and northern France are usually good places to start when scouting lighter wine kits. And of course, certain grape varieties are naturally leaner than others.

Our Light-Medium Kits:

Selection: Chilean Pinot Noir / Italian Pinot Grigio / Chianti Style / Pinot Noir / Valpolicella Style / White Merlot / White Zinfandel

World Vineyard: French Sauvignon Blanc / Italian Pinot Grigio

Vintners Reserve: Bergamis / Blush / Chianti Style / Coastal Red / Pinot Noir / Valpolicella Style / Chamblaise / Pinot Blanc / Pinot Gris / Riesling / Sauvignon Blanc