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We had a fantastic time

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Tuesday night we had another sold out wine & beer making class in our NW store.  Thursday nights class in our NE store is also sold out.  We made our new Black Pilsner, using our Dutch Lager, Bavarian Lager liquid yeast and our add on kit which includes Caramel Malt, Chocolate Malt, and Hallertau hops.  Mmm, is it ever going to be good!  There are a few 2011 Limited Editions remaining so we used our last South African Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon.  We have a few Limiteds  on sale in our Calgary and Airdrie stores.

19% of our attendees are under 25 with 56% 26-35 with 58% female.

“My wife and I attended your course last night, what a good time!! You guys are extremley knowledgable and the class had everything you could ask for. I’ve been telling everyone at work about the class and i can’t wait to pick up a kit and start making my own grape drinks and Barley sandwichs….. thanks again and hopefully see you sooner rather then later…keep up the good work!!!”

“We attended the class last week and had a fantastic time. We didn’t know what to expect and found it both very entertaining and educational!”

click here to see step by step daily instructions on the making of the Black Pilsner…

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