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Was in Ontario for Thanksgiving

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Seems nowadays the family run wineries are really coming on in a big way, so much that it is a shame that most of their product is not available past the gates of the vineyard!

In Ontario last week I tried some offerings from Smith and Wilson, one a classic blend of Cabernet Franc/Merlot aptly named “Double Barrel”, as you might imagine by the name heavily oaked but the varietals handle this extremely well. Definitely not “over the top” for a Bordeaux-style wine, though it does pack a punch for all you wood lovers.

Also had the chance to try a couple of grapes new to me, offered by the same family run vineyard using only on site fruit. Chambourcin has shown much success locally, as has the “Buckhorn” label Baco Noir.

On an interesting note about regionally grown grapes, many of the larger wine producers are getting away from using very many local grapes at all. With alarming frequency, some of the larger corporate wineries are importing much of their juice. I found the wines I tried to be heavy handed, not at all true to what I have come to expect from the Niagara Peninsula. As to labeling, “Made in Canada” means just that: the wine was blended and bottled here. As to the origin of the grapes? Only the vintner knows for sure.

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