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Vermentino – a Tuscan Gem

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This Italian grape varietal is most commonly planted throughout Italy and Southern France. While it is most commonly referred to as Vermentino, it can be known locally by one of it’s 20 other names such as Pigato, Rolle or Favorita, to name a few.

Vermentino grapes like hot, dry climates, and thrive on hillsides, particularly ones with an ocean view, flourishing under the cool ocean breezes and drainage the hillside provides. Vermentino is a winemaker’s favourite to grow, as it ripens easily and early, is not prone to diseases, and is hardy enough to stand up to weather fluctuations or drought conditions.

Vermentino is the perfect varietal to try if you are a fan of Sauvignon Blanc’s, as they tend to be a similar style – although the Vermentino varietal has a reputation of being more complex and interesting. It boasts crisp acidity, sometimes salty minerality, lime zest, soft white peach and juicy pink grapefruit. It’s other unique property is the subtle bitter almond finish and daffodil aromas, which serve to add to its complexity. Truly Vermentino is the kind of wine you can dwell on for some time, always noticing new flavours and aromas.

Due to it’s unique balance of crisp acidity and full bodied mouthfeel, it is the perfect wine to stand up to creamy cheeses such as melt-in-your-mouth Buffalo Mozzarella, Peccorino or Feta. With it’s hardy but delicate style, it also shines when paired with fish such as tuna, as well as dishes with complex flavours such as pickle, fennel or cilantro.

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