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Vancouver Limited Edition Wine Tasting

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Fresh from their west coast experience, Paul and daughter Jessica look forward to sharing some more “interesting and unconventional” food pairings with those of you attending the 2010 Limited Edition wine tasting event November 18th.

Paul and Jessica joined with 150 wine dealers in Vancouver last weekend sampling the commercial equivalents of the five Limited’s that Winexpert will introduce January to March 2011.  Each wine was paired with various foods to enhance the characteristics of each wine.  There is much anticipation amongst us home vintners as there is a brand new blend, two new varietals and a new twist on an old favourite from a few years ago.  So there’s a reason to look forward to the darkest days of winter, (as if you ever needed one!).

In anticipation of this years November Calgary wine tasting event our local staff are looking forward to their own private wine tasting evening with Winexpert staff to also sample these 5 wines.  Click here to see Tim Vandergrift’s presentations on each wine!

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