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Tuscany Region – not just about the reds

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Tuscany has been in the wine business since as early as 7 BCE, and has spent the last 2,000 years perfecting their craft. Today, it is one of the richest wine regions of the world, boasting some of the highest quality and highest priced wines on the market. Located in central Italy along the Mediterranean coast, it’s rolling hillsides and mineral rich soil make it home to some of the world’s best varietals, providing the ideal growing conditions for well balanced wines that tend to exhibit crisp acidity and full bodied characteristics.

The Tuscan hills allow for grapes to enjoy hot, direct sunlight, and the altitude prevents scorching or drying out the grapes. The poor, dry soil quality keeps yields down and quality (as well as price) high. While Tuscany is predominantly planted with red wine varietals such as Sangiovese (Chianti) and Cabernet (Super Tuscans), the white grape, Vermentino, also thrives.

While Vermentino is grown in several other neighbouring regions, the Tuscan style is unique. Tuscan winemakers such as Tibor Gál from the infamous Bolgheri winery, allow for more skin contact during pressing, more time sur-lees and some barrel ageing. These techniques bring out the richest characteristics of the varietal, emphasizing inherent floral notes while not compromising it’s classic crisp minerality and refreshing citrus characteristics.

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