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The Home Vintner Wine Guild Medals Internationally!

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Results have just arrived for the 2015 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition and The Home Vintner Wine Guild members scored big netting 12 medals! This year the competition comprised of 2825 entries from 10 different countries with representation from 49 American States and 6 Canadian Provinces. This is the largest and most diverse competition of its kind in the world.  Congratulations go out to:

  • Ken Gibson for his Gold in Fortified, Bronze in Sherry Style, Bronze in Port Style, Bronze in Other Red Vinifera Blends and Bronze in Riesling
  • Kellie Babin for her Gold in Other White Vinifera Blends, Bronze in Zinfandel and Bronze in Blush / Rosé Red Vinifera
  • Kelly Mackay for her Gold in Stone Fruit and Bronze in Red or White Vinifera Late Harvest and Ice Wine
  • Dave Bracey for his Bronze in Red Vinifera Bordeaux Style Blends and his Bronze in Other Red Vinifera Blends

I think it is well worth noting that all four of our guild members that competed actually won, that is a huge accomplishment. Perhaps this will encourage more of our guild members to give it a try and compete Internationally next year. There are four vital steps for successfully competing:

  1. Quality of product – you have to start with quality to expect a quality result. We stand behind the WinExpert brand as it has proven itself in competition for our guild time after time. While many of the competition wins are Limited Edition or Limited Release products, even the 10L Vintners Reserve and World Vineyard brands win medals alongside fresh grape entries.
  2. Technique – even with an exceptional product you still have to do it right. Standards and procedures continue to evolve, as does the winemaking equipment itself. (Such as the elimination of BPA in food grade containers a few years ago which necessitated changing over primary pails to the new standard.) As you all know, The Home Vintner offers classes AND refreshers to encourage everyone to keep current and keep learning. Attending guild meetings on occasion also helps in growing wine knowledge and sharing of techniques.
  3. Storage / Ageing – proper storage allows your wine to continue to age and improve. Deciding when a wine is ripe for competition can be tricky, too young can be too harsh, too old can be too flabby. Taste and judge your wine before submitting, sometimes you discover some big surprises.
  4. Entering – of all the work that comes before this step – this is the easiest one! If you don’t enter, you can’t win.

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