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Terésa who works in our NW store

Hooray for American beer! I used to think that all they ever drank was the stereotypical light, lacking in character, ice cold straight from the tin variety.

In all my ignorance, I was panicking while getting ready for my short trip to Wisconsin last weekend. Indeed, I was looking forward to the cheese they are world famous for, but, I was afraid that I might be forced to pair it with something pretty much equal to carbonated water.

However, when I got there I was delighted to learn that now there are so many diverse choices in the wonderful world of suds south of the border. In the grocery stores or on tap in the smallest of village pubs, there is something for everyone, from creamy seasonal darks, to super hoppy IPAs . I feel stupid for thinking that our neighbours have not become discerning and sophisticated beer drinkers.

I’m not a frequent traveller to the United States, so please forgive me for even thinking that people down there have no taste. I hang my head in shame.

There was no way I was able to plow through even a fraction of the local brews in “America’s Dairyland”. On the bright side, I can now look forward to my next visit without a fear of beer!

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