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Tasting notes : Super Tuscan Style

Tasting notes : Super Tuscan Style The Home Vintner

The LE14 program brought us a fantastic Italian Super Tuscan with Grape Skins. This kit was very popular and perfect for cellaring. With the new Limited Release BraVado being offered in the Eclipse lineup, the timing was right to enjoy a bottle in front of the fireplace and make some tasting notes to share.

We picked up flavours of plum, black cherry, black currant, and a touch of cedar.  There was a hint of spice with smoky leather notes with a full and well-rounded feel on the palate. We like to describe this elegant wine as “Black Forest Cake in a glass”!

With the BraVado release also coming in as a Super Tuscan style, (as well as a skins kit) – we are very much looking forward to having this in our cellar soon. If you missed out on the LE14 release, you can find the BraVado release in-stores now! While you shouldn’t expect these wines to be the same, they are similar – with expectations of possibly even being better.  Both were crafted from premium varietal from the Veneto Region of Italy, and both were specially blended in a Super Tuscan style specially for you.