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“Take a Walk on the Wild Side”!!

camping looking out into the woods e1553901632617

I feel very privileged to live where I do.    I am able to pour myself a tall glass of wine and take a walk in the woods at my leisure.

Some wild animals I have “bumped into” while out walking include moose, a pack of coyotes and a full grown grizzly bear!  A glass of Italian Barolo is not much defence against an adult grizzly in full charge!  Bears sometimes do not hibernate all winter long – they have been known to get up and walk about, so it is always a good idea to be cautious!   So, a word to the wise, even at this time of year, don’t forget to pack the bear spray with you.

A house is being built about a mile from my place, and last week their dog was killed and eaten by a cougar.   Unfortunately, this was a “city dog” and the bad combo of “city folk” letting their pooch out at night, barking continuously, led to disaster on the dog’s part.

It is easy to walk right up to the deer in the woods – they actually make good drinking buddies & are extremely curious about what is going on around the cabin!

These are very peaceful moments for me and I always appreciate the wonder of nature and the great outdoors.