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Symphony @ Airdrie class!

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On Jan 13th, despite the blast of Ole Man Winter, 20 eager-to-learn Airdronians descended upon the Airdrie store in order to learn the steps in wine and beer making.   Paul, who has 35 years experience in vintning and brewing, shared his knowledge ( & secrets ! ) thus ensuring everyone is successful on their first attempt.    Interesting enough, it seems at every class there is someone who has been making wine ( or beer ) for years & we continuously hear the comment, “Really?   I didn’t know that!”

That evening, Paul started up a Winexpert Selection Symphony – this is one of my absolute favourite white wines!    Years back it was a Limited Edition and we still hear customers sigh, “That was a gorgeous wine!”    There was such a clamor for more that Winexpert brought it into the Selection lineup ( much to my great happiness!) Symphony is a white grape that defies tradition and convention.   It’s a crossing of 2 French grapes – Muscat and Grenache Gris. The name was endowed by a wine scientist who tasted one of the first finished wines and declared that it showed ” a Symphony of aromas & flavours!”     (I admit, I had a bit of input in choosing the wine to make that evening as I was a little unnerved when I discovered I only have 3 bottles of Symphony left in my cellar ! )

This was a great class, filled with people eager to learn &  with a range of questions from the importance of stirring, to C02 removal, how to properly use a wine whip, questions about vintning at our higher altitude, importance of choosing a good cork,  and on and on !!

Thanks to everyone for all the accolades received at the end of the class!      Starter kits were purchased and after consulting with one of us on staff, chose an appropriate wine or beer to their individual tastes.     All participants received a C02 tester upon leaving – a great little gadget for the winemakers in the crowd!

Call the Airdrie store at 403-912-6323 to be put on a list for our next class — we are now open 7 days a week!

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