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Stemless Wine Glasses

Are these the cilantro of drinking vessels? (You either love them or think they taste like soap)

Well I love cilantro but I’m of the camp who thinks they are the soap of crystal stemware. They totally defeat the purpose of fine wine glasses. You may as well use a coffee mug if you are that afraid of spilling your wine. You have choices. If you must set your glass down, find a stable surface before doing so. Or else, don’t drink so much to begin with and you won’t have a problem. In a large crowd, with no stem on which to attach a wine charm, how do you be sure the glass is yours? This means you have to hold it the entire time, thereby warming up the wine and leaving unsightly fingerprints on the bowl. Unless you are a forensic expert you could not tell for sure…just where the heck did I leave my glass???

Do they save space in your glassware cabinet? Probably. But again, you may as well just use a coffee cup if space restrictions are a legitimate concern.

As a bit of a closing aside, all in fun, next time you watch a Hollywood movie, if there is a scene where someone is having a glass of wine (from a stemmed glass) almost invariably the actor holds the glass BY THE BOWL. It drives me nuts. So, could I be correct in assuming that stemless wine glasses were invented in Hollywood? Saves trying to guess how to hold a fine glass of wine, if anything.

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