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Spring has Sprung! March is a Great Time to Make Cider

Spring is just around the corner and there is nothing more delicious and refreshing on a warm day than a crisp glass of cider. We have just received a special order of our Black Rock Cider – New Zealand Homebrew kit. A sparkling cider with a superb refreshing taste and light golden colour. Harvested from orchards that produce premium fruit without chemicals for the taste and clarity demanded by our brewers. One tin produces 23 litres of cider similar to Strongbow-style, and two tins produce 23 litres of cider similar to an Irish Cider style, with more green apple taste up front and a hint of residual sweetness. Note that cider is naturally a low carbonation product. You can add a little more dextrose to carbonate, but it will continue to dry without adding much more carbonation. Drink the Irish style young while sweeter and fruity!

Shop now! Did you know that we now offer online shopping? We can ship 1 or 2 tins of of Black Rock Cider to your door!

First time making a kit? You can also order a starter kit online with all the equipment you need to get started. You can also sign up for a wine and beer making class!