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Years ago my wife and I were into wine making and when the kids came along we found it too difficult to continue.   I have often referred to those days with my children and so this past Christmas I received a Vintners Reserve kit as a gift from my son.

Anticipation dictated we make this kit together and so my wife and son along with his significant other made and shared the results and the kids were so impressed with the quality of the wine we decided to seriously get into the hobby as a foursome.

The first thing we did was make a charter or rules of engagement: the group must always come to a consensus on  all decisions related to the wine and the process,  and additionally that each one of us must learn and be able to  actively perform and own each step of the process (including the drinking!).

This has proven extremely valuable and has lead to strict controls which allow no shortcuts ensuring top quality results.  I should note that I also have great mentoring from the staff and regular customers at The Home Vintner and the camaraderie is excellent.

Our family group gets together as needed to keep up to date on the tasks and this usually involves either breakfast or dinner.  This provides an opportunity for the kids to get ‘well fed’ as my wife, Val, is an excellent cook.

The challenge now is to pair excellent wine with the menu.  This can be a challenge with breakfast; however, somehow we manage to overcome!

With the recent addition of wine and food pairing classes from  Paul and Wine Expert we are better able to make excellent pairing choices  and our family group has 20 kits under our belts. Yum!

Next weekend is bottling time…..darn….

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