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Selection California Sauvignon Blanc Rosé

Since the announcement of our limited release Selection Sauvignon Blanc Rose I have had several questions about how the Sauvignon Blanc gets its pink colour, and if there are any commercial examples of this style.

Firstly, our wine gets its pink colour via the addition of Pinot Noir juice in the F-pack, also adding some sweetness for an off-dry finish. This process was first used in Germany (although now very rare) to produce spectacular wines called “Rotgold” (red-gold).

The concept of Sauvignon Blanc Rosé is fairly new to New World wine production, with 2012 the oldest vintage I could find, but catching on fast! It is particularly popular in New Zealand, with prestigious producers such as Southbank Estate in Marborough and Peter Yealand in Hawke’s Bay among the notable examples. Chile also produces the style, with Montevista and Monos Locos among the top producers, and South Africa has some great examples including Enigma from the Stellenbosch region.

While different producers use different red varietals to achieve the pink colour, including Cabernet Franc, Grenache and Merlot, Winexpert uses Pinot Noir (in the California style) to produce an outstanding, layered wine, full of character!

Article courtesy of Rick Vanderberg from Global Vintners Inc.

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