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San Joaquin Valley, Breadbasket of the World

One of the most picturesque parts of California, the San Joaquin Valley is only now beginning to get the recognition it deserves among California’s more prominent wine regions such as Napa or Sonoma. Located in the central valley of California – South of Sacramento and East of San Francisco, it is sometimes referred to as “the food basket of the world” due to the soil’s incredible fertility and the sheer volume of fresh crops produced here.

While the wine production from this area is often overshadowed by the asparagus, almonds, tangerines, tomatoes and countless other products exported from this region, it is nonetheless incredibly high quality. This hot climate region is known for its fresh and fruity French Colombard plantings, as well as it’s rich, tropical Chardonnay’s and full bodied Zinfandels.

This year’s limited edition Blanc de Noir also comes from this up and coming region. Pinot Noir is not among the most planted varietals here, as Pinot Noir tends to prefer cooler climates, lest it develop thick skins that bring too much tannin to the wines. However, using a hot climate grown Pinot Noir grape to produce a white wine allows for the grape to develop full fruity and fresh flavours. By not allowing for skin contact, the problem of too much tannin is eliminated while preserving and enhancing the essence that is Pinot Noir.

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