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Rocky Creek Winery, Vancouver Island

Recently I was visiting Vancouver Island – lured there for a Western Canada Geocaching Mega Event, and visiting family. One of the blessings while visiting the Island, is that our “host” family lives right in the heart of the local wine country. Each visit, we try and stop by a different winery to experience more of what the Island has to offer!

While hiking the nearby Trans Canada trail system, we were able to enjoy picking and eating fresh salmon berries, huckle berries and thimble berries. The bears were also enjoying the 30 degree weather, with the sweet smell of berries wafting in the air – yikes!

Our stop this visit was to a small family owned business, the Rocky Creek Winery. We tasted Ortega, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Jubilee (a champagne style rose). The blackberry wine that I was hoping to try – was just weeks away – drat!
All of the wines were very good, our favorite this visit being the Ortega. This white presented as very crisp and refreshing, with a tang of citrus (grapefruit) that even I could identify at first sip. Even more surprising in a white was the long finish. Now that we are back in Alberta, enjoying the beautiful weather and a hot sunny day, Ortega was a great afternoon delight with salt and vinegar crispers drawing out the citrus punch.
While there was more than one interesting surprise at this winery – the salt and pepper chocolate bark – to pair with the blackberry dessert wine, was another item I should have bought while still there 🙁
Have a great summer everyone! Kellie

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