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Rob’s Barons Chocolate Redwood Ale !

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Another fantastic beer recipe by one of our Airdrie customer’s, Rob M.  Paul & I tasted a bottle of it over the long weekend, while soaking up the sun on his deck at the cabin.

First thing we noticed was the wonderful chocolate nose wafting out of the glass!  The chocolate malt that Rob used (purchased at the Airdrie store) added body and dimension to the Barons Redwood Ale that he used as a base.  Rob wanted feedback on this delicious recipe of his and here is his reaction to our critique:

“Hi Pat, I got your phone message today and I am thrilled that you & Paul enjoyed the ale.  This batch is made with Redwood Ale .
I’m not sure what the quantity of beans were that I got from you but the amount was perfect.  I believe that if one wants to strengthen or weaken the chocolate taste that the steep time could be increased or decreased, but for myself I will leave things exactly as they are.  The final product is an extremely dark, rich ale.  Redwood has become my favourite because it’s snappy and robust.  The chocolate creates a great background flavour that, in its own way is a bit mellow.  I may be biased here because I am a chocoholic but this ale tends to leave a very characteristic taste that lingers on long after the last mouthful.”  Rob M, Airdrie

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