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Riverland, Australia

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Located in South Australia, bordering Victoria, Riverland is one of Australia’s most successful wine growing areas. Riverland is home to some of Australia’s most prominent wineries, and produces up to a third of all of Australia’s grape harvest. This is partly due to the region’s more temperate climate, as the scorching weather Australia is known for is cooled by the Murray river running along the 150km’s that Riverland stretches for. Because of this, Riverland is one of the few regions in Australia that is able to produce consistent and high quality vintages, year after year. The river also allows for natural irrigation of the vines, to help mitigate some of the drought conditions that have been plaguing other Australian grape growing regions.

Riverland wines are known for their approachable, full bodied intensity and deep rich colours. The limestone soil, however, adds a certain minerality to the wines, and the cool nights help keep the finished wines crisp and balanced. Riverland is also a bird lover’s paradise, and tourists flock to the area to spot hundreds of local species of birds.

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