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Rediscover the Time & Place for Lighter Reds

Rediscover the Time & Place for Lighter Reds The Home Vintner

We all have our favorite body strength in red wine, mine changes every day. Our Little Black Book of Wine available in all our stores has a special legend at the back that tells you the style, body, oak type if included and the sweetness of each kit.

Some like a rich body and deep concentration, others enjoy a more moderate red with lots of red berry fruit intermixed with other herbaceous and/or spicy notes with a leaner body with a refreshing finish.

The first cardinal rule is to not serve delicate reds at room temperature. It is important to serve these wines around 12° to 16°C (55° to 60° F) to help show their pretty aromatics. This can be achieved by simply popping the bottle in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes.

|Some examples of our wine offerings in this style are:

• Selection Valpolicella Style
• Selection California White Merlot
• Vintner’s Reserve Bergamis
• Vintner’s Reserve Blush
• Vintner’s Reserve Sangiovese
• Vintner’s Reserve Coastal Red
• Vintner’s Reserve Pinot Noir
• Vintner’s Reserve Valpolicella Style

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