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Red Velvet Dessert Wine – The Experience!

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I had a chance to taste this wine recently, and was SO IMPRESSED that I wanted to get out a review asap.

An Airdrie customer gave a review recently from tasting at bottling. She loved the wine, loved the huge chocolate, and was happy it was not too sweet. I found the “not too sweet review” interesting – and wondered – what does that really mean?

Lets just say that tasting it was WAY BETTER than hearing about it! Thanks again to Deirdre for sharing. It took a full five minutes before the joy of tasting a moist piece of dark chocolate cake left my mouth.

The nose is without a doubt dark chocolate and cake. Like all dessert wines, this one started off sweet. Almost immediately it transitioned into dark rich moist chocolate, finishing with a bitter dark chocolate/coco bite (in a very appealing way). There is a bit of dark berry hidden underneath the coco at the finish, with something reminiscent of – cream.

It really WAS like having a piece of cake. This dessert wine is the most unique of all the fabulous ones I have tried/made over the years. The tempering of the sweetness with the chocolate bitter is addicting. Final analysis: I would definitely compete with this AND will be disappointed if mine is not as stunning as Deirdre’s!

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