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Recipes available to pair with your LE15 wine

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Many customers come out in November to our preview tasting nights for the upcoming season of Limited Release wines. We put a lot of effort and time into selecting the commercially comparable wines, as well as food pairings to complement the wines. Every year we get asked for the recipes on tasting night. Now that LE15 wines are arriving in stores, and you are getting the opportunity to make these wines – why not try the pairings to go with them? Did you know you can become your own pairing recipe developer?


Find the recipe that pairs with your LE15 wine. Review the main flavours, spices and proteins. Use that as a starting point, and find a favorite recipe or a new one that incorporates some or all of the initial flavour profiles. Keep in mind, less can be more. Don’t overwhelm your wine. Start less flavourful and work your way to more complexity. If you find something fantastic, please – share with us! We would love to hear about your recipe pairing.

If you missed out on our LE15 selection, check online or in-store while there are still extras available.

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