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Raspberry, wild blueberry and mango Cerveza beer

pexels photo 1400255

img00212 20110224 0911In the experimental stage – I have started these 3 new fruit Mexican Cerveza beers this week.  After reading Terry’s blog about theimg00214 20110224 0912 Mango Beer she had in Mexico I have set out to make one.  My initial reaction is that I may have added too much fruit.  Here are 3 pictures of the fruit in the primaries.  In about a month after our first taste tests we will have the recipes available in our stores – just in time to get ready for summer.  To make a lime beer just add 1 1/2 cans of frozen concentrated lime juice to either an American Lite or a Mexican Cerveza (make sure that there is no sorbate or other chemicals in the concentrate as they kill the yeast).