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Quest for Pizza & Found Ourselves in Middle of Vancouver Riot!

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We were in Vancouver last week for Pat’s son’s wedding and during that time it was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.   Of course, we all know what happened after the game.    My daughter and I had gone out to pick up a pizza for dinner and found ourselves in the midst of the riot.

We witnessed cars being burned and windows smashed.     I got the distinct impression that this was not about hockey  — many of these hooligans came downtown with full intent to riot.    Some people ( I presume the true hockey fans ) were even standing in front of the stores, attempting to defend the broken windows from looting.

As much as this was a bad reflection on society, due to the mass destruction, many did attempt to stop the violence.   This is especially evident in the 12,000 strong volunteer clean-up crew that helped out the day after.

We made it home to enjoy our pizza with a glass of Rioja in an attempt to wash away the taste of the tear gas.



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