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Prosecco…… Is the new Champagne?

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Prosecco…… Is the new Champagne?

 The word “Champagne” has often been used as if it was synonymous with anything bubbly. But recently Prosecco, the term and the wine, has taken off. A recent article by the Guardian claims that one in every two bottles of bubbles purchased in the UK are Prosecco, and it sure feels like Canada is headed in that direction.  So what makes Prosecco so all of a sudden desirable? After all, Prosecco has been produced in Northwest Italy (Veneto) since the 1600’s.

For one, Prosecco tends to be significantly more affordable than Champagne, as Champagne producers used the much more labour intensive method of carbonation in individual bottles called ‘Methode Traditional’, while Prosecco producers use the ‘Charmat’ method using giant steel tanks. Secondly, production methods have improved dramatically in recent years, taking Prosecco from the semi-sweet style to a drier, more complex style that can rival many bubbly producers.

Even Air Canada seems to have jumped on the Prosecco bandwagon. On my most recent cross-Canada flight they had Bottega Prosecco: a delicious, fresh and fruity yet dry and refreshing alternative to the often disappointing selection of wines offered on board.

Made with the Glera grape, which is fruity yet dry – your closest Winexpert option is the Premium International Selection Kit Italian Pinot Grigio which gives you fresh, fruity yet crisp Prosecco-style qualities

Our friendly staff can walk you through the carbonation process, and the stainless steel tanks are available to rent.

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