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Pinot Noir

Super light reds sometime get a poor reputation with serious wine drinkers, partly from a misconception that a good red wine needs to have a rich body and deep concentration. But that is not always true – depending on what you are looking for. Super light reds can give lots of red berry fruit intermixed with other herbaceous and/or spicy notes with a feather weight body and refreshing finish.

The first cardinal rule is to not serve super light reds at room temperature! Light reds can seem thin and lifeless when served too warm. It is important to serve these wines around 12° to 16°C to help show their pretty aromatics. This can be achieved by simply popping the bottle in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes.

We offer a full range of Pinot Noirs:

• Eclipse Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir
• Selection New Zealand Pinot Noir
• Selection Pinot Noir
• World Vineyard California Pinot Noir
• Vintners Reserve

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