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Pine Nuts & Wine DO NOT Mix !!!

This is taken from an article in the Calgary Herald, dated Monday May 9, 2011., author Denise Ryan.  “It’s the sort of thing that drives you crazy; a tin foil taste on your tongue and everything you eat tastes bitter.  It has a name – “pine nut syndrome” or “pine mouth”.   Facebook even has a Page – “Damn You Pinenuts.”   It typically appears about 2 days after ingestion of a rogue pine nut, and can last for up to 2 weeks!

Larry Stefan, from Vancouver, was struck two weeks ago – he simply cannot eat because everything tastes horrible.   The syndrome hit him a couple of days after he enjoyed some pine nuts sprinkled on a salad.   A wine lover, with a 2,500 bottle cellar, Stefan couldn’t choke down a glass of good red.   It tasted like vinegar.    A January report in the Journal of Toxicology suggests that taste disturbances following consumption of pine nuts is related to a species from Southern China.  It is a relative newcomer to the billion-dollar-a-year global pine nut market.  Some suppliers are taking action to limit imports from southern China.

The source of a bag of pine nuts can be problematic to trace, as pine nuts are sold in bulk on the global market, & the pack you pick up off the shelf could contain pine nuts from a variety of sources.”

Very interesting article — don’t think I will be eating pine nuts any time soon — I want to enjoy every glass of my fine wines!!