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Paul’s Wine tip! Rent the Home Vintner Degassing Machine

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One of the problems in Calgary and area is our higher altitude. It can be difficult to remove the C02 gas from the wine after fermentation ceases. We recommend removing the excess gas from the wine right after stabilizing, as a high C02 concentration can also impede the ability of the clearing agents to bond properly. We dissuade our customers from beating the gas out of the wine with attachments connected to a drill, as after a number of days with this abuse to the wine, it can make the wine taste “tired” including the loss of fruit forwardness. If the “fizziness” remains in the wine it will have a slight edge and will mask the wine’s proper characteristics. Our Vacuvin hand pumps work very well at removing the gas , but our degassing machines are available at all our stores to rent, dramatically reducing the time required to remove the gas.

Call to reserve the degassing machine for your next batch.

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