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Paul’s Rant

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Think about hand crafting an Innis & Gunn, Black Pilsner, Stout, or Belgian Wit to name a few.  With the use of our Barons Beer kits, our add-on packs and liquid yeast, you can create any of these great beers.  For any of you who were burned on a beer kit in the past, concluded that all beer kits were the same and gave up on home brewing, now is the time to give it another try.  You will be impressed, we guarantee it!

Quite often when we teach a class, we ask.  “Who has had lousy homemade beer?”  Almost every hand goes up.  This is usually attributed to the old fashioned can-type kits that leave a cidery homemade taste, or larger format boxes that sell for a big price, BUT leave a lot to be desired.

Today The Home Vintner’s market is geared towards a more sophisticated brewer. Many of our customers have travelled outside the country, experiencing international beers and have discovered the quality of small craft breweries.

We focus on the Barons beer kits because they contain more malt than any beer kits on the market.  Starting specific gravity is as high as 1.055.  Barons stand up to the best on their own, but we find they are a perfect base for all our styles of recipes.

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