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Paul’s Easy Beer tip! Keeping Beer Fresh

Keeping Beer Fresh

The lifespan of a beer is directly related to its alcohol content, darkness, sweetness, and hop content. Darker beers with a higher alcohol content, for example, will generally last longer than a very light, low alcohol beer. Also, be sure you check for freshness on the shelf before you buy! Read the product codes on the box —if those codes are missing, you can bet they’ve been deliberately removed and you can be sure the product has expired.

Keeping Beer Fresh

For keeping beer fresh, think about your own needs when you choose between plastic or glass bottles. For longer-term storage, glass is your better choice. But remember that plastic storage works very well for shorter storage periods — it’s also permeable, and the carbonation escapes more readily.

To maintain keeping beer fresh, choose coloured bottles over clear ones –brown or green will do a better job of helping to screen out the damaging light.

Traditional caps are much more reliable than twist-off and growlers. Growlers can work for short periods of time—a month or two, but we don’t trust them for any longer-term storage.

It is beer time!

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