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Paul’s Beer tip! Hops

Adding extra hops is an excellent way to customize your Barons beer.  Even though the beers are precisely hopped and have balanced flavours, most home brewers feel in their heart that there is no such thing as too much hops.   Unless you are well versed with hop types, make sure you stick to classic varieties.  Some hops can provide unusual flavours and aromas if used inappropriately.  For North American ales try Cascade, for German beers use Hallertau or Saaz, and for English beers Goldings and Fuggles are good.  When adding bittering hops, you will have to simmer them in wort for ½ hour.  To compensate for evaporation, make sure to top your primary fermenter up to the full 23 litres after adding back the boiled hops.  Flavouring hops should go in to the simmer for 10 minutes.  Aroma hops are usually simmered for less than 5 minutes, or added directly to the primary.

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