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Paul’s Beer Tip! Getting the most out of your Barons Beer Kit: 21,500 COMBINATIONS

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The Home Vintner is the only store this side of Montréal that is able to offer customers such a diversity of choices when it comes to beers that they can make from a kit.

A mathematician friend of ours actually calculated that we offer 21,500 combinations of possible beer creations. We also have 49 different Liquid Yeasts, along with our always expanding add-on packages, as well as and incredible variety of hops with which to customize or recreate your favourite craft beer. This way you can have fun brewing at home, for example, a Belgian Wit or an Innis & Gunn, at a fraction of the commercial cost.

Through many years of intensive research, we continuously find that the Barons Beer kits are the best on the market, particularly when it comes to the ability to adapt and customize.So, if you have a favourite beer you want to create at home, we will either have an add-on pack ready for you, or at the very least, the knowledge to assemble one specially for you so your kit turns out the way you like it.

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