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Our Premium Barons Beer Kit

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Barons Premium Beer Kits offer you 7.5 litres of high quality concentrated wort to use with conventional brewing equipment and create a natural beer of outstanding flavour. Since there isn’t even a need for boiling, the Barons kit allows you to create your own microbrewery-style beer quickly and easily. Winexpert uses state-of-the-art processing and rigorous quality control procedures throughout the process of creating this beer kit, finishing off with unique, user-friendly packaging that preserves product freshness. This ensures the perfect product to begin your brewing experience.

First, we use only the finest 100% barley malt available from around the world, superior in freshness and fermentability. By utilizing the finest varieties of hops in our boiling procedure, we maximize this key component of the brewing process. Bitterness, aroma and flavour characteristics are all masterfully preserved, and no chemicals are added. We even include a special add pack of finishing hop pellets, which allows dry-hopping for extra aroma and a further hint of flavour.

Premium brewing yeast also plays an important role in the quality of your finished beer. We continually test our packaged yeasts to ensure full vitality for fermentation. Ask us about special fresh liquid yeasts to enhance flavour and character.

Secondly, we expertly handle the initial boiling process. Malt, hops and water are measured to exacting specifications in preparation for the boil in our 1,000 gallon brew kettle. The full flavours of the malt are brought out in the boil, and the bitterness potential of the hops is released by introducing them at just the right time.

Then our state-of-the-art aseptic packaging system preserves quality in the finished kit. Our 7.5-litre (6-US gallon) bag-in-box package offers you the opportunity to begin brewing with more malt and a less concentrated wort than conventional beer kits, for superior results. Besides eliminating the need to add sugar, our packaging makes boiling your wort a thing of the past. You no longer need to handle messy cans of malt extract.

Finally, our quality control analysis ensures the purity and fermentability of the barley malt, the freshness of the hops and the full vitality of the yeast, in addition to extensive testing for colour, pH, bitterness and clarity. And each Barons product is batch-coded, assuring you of the highest quality product on the market.

Rest assured that with all of these features, you are starting your brewing process at a maximum advantage, with a guarantee of optimum results.

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