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Nova Scotia Jost Winery Maple Wine

One of the attendees of our Home Vintner Wine Guild’s Christmas party brought a 200 ml bottle of Nova Scotia’s Jost Winery Maple Wine.    Paul & I agreed that this was the best Maple Wine we had ever tasted!    Jost Vineyards is located in Malagash ( I am familiar with Nova Scotia, but have never heard of this place! ).    One of our guild members mentioned that one summer while travelling in Nova Scotia they tried to find this vineyard and got totally lost!     The side of the bottle tell us it is “located on the Sunrise Trail ( Hwy 6 ).”      Maybe this is one of those trips where a GPS is essential!

This Gold Medal award winner is 12% alcohol/ vol, and is a Quality Certified dessert  wine made from maple syrup  collected from the vast maple forests of Nova Scotia.  The maple “juice”  is carefully cool fermented until the perfect concentration of residual sugars is reached.   The result is a unique, full-bodied dessert-style wine, which is sweet and flavourful, yet soft and harmonious.

Jost Maple Wine would compliment many fine desserts and fresh cheeses.

What a treasure indeed, and to think it is 100% Canadian is an added bonus!

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