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Noble Grapes and the LE14 German Mosel Valley Riesling

Noble grape varieties retain their characteristics regardless of the region of the world in which they are grown, making them some of the most popular and best known varieties. Riesling is one of these grapes, and can be dry or sweet and intensely aromatic. Riesling can be enjoyed while young, while the accompanying acidity gives it long life in the cellar. The off dry or sweet varieties combine with the acidity of the grape to produce a longer finish. Riesling grapes excel in cooler climates, which is why some of the most stunning Rieslings come out of Germany, and the Mosel Valley region in particular. (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer) Riesling from this region produces the most delicate and crisp of the styles. With Riesling being a Noble Grape variety – you have probably tried many kinds from dry to sweet, fresh or late harvest – but German Riesling is the benchmark. We expect this LE14 wine to lead with a tangy acidic citrus kick, followed by a gentle fruity sweetness to linger on the finish.

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