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August 2012

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WineMaker Magazine Int. Amateur Wine Competition is the largest amateur winemaking competition in North America.  Wine kits compete side-by-side in a blind judging across all categories with wines made from grapes and/or juices.  At the April 2011 competition wines made with Winexpert's premium quality brands were awarded 220 medals bringing our total to 1766 medals in the 9 annual competitions held so far.


We reward loyalty, every 11th kit is 1/2 price



 Referral Program

We truly appreciate you referring us to your family and friends. When the new vintner or brewer makes their first kit purchase, you both will receive 10% off the regular price of any kit. Referral certificates are available in our stores. (Cannot be combined with any other offer)




Winexpert is the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer winemaking products

Our wine products are supported by knowledgeable, dedicated staff.  In addition to helping choose the right wine, we will help you discover an exciting new experience...
the wine and beer making lifestyle.
Become a winemaker or grow your winemaking skills with Winexpert wine kits, equipment, supplies, and (most importantly) advice and ideas.
We continually introduce new products, click here to  see our latest products
The Home Vintner appreciates your patronage so on your birthday we email you a $10 discount coupon - this offer is also available for your partner.  The next time you are into one of our stores ensure that we have both of your birthdates.


Vintners Reserve has introduced new boxes so as supplies last all the previous boxes are $15.00 off at our NW, NE and Airdrie stores.




Our deadline for preordering our Seasonal Chocolate Raspberry Port and Chocolate Orange Port has been extended to August 4th.  Phone or email us to reserve your Port.

click here to view Tim's Tasting Notes on our new Chocolate Orange Port on utube...

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10% off your Port if you prepay before August 10th.


• Thank you to everyone who completed our short online survey.  Your names have been entered into our prize draw for your choice of two Barons beer kits with an extra carboy or one Selection Original wine kit.  Deadline to complete this survey is August 15th with the prize winner being published in our September newsletter.

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When it comes to wine or beer kits, not necessarily so.  The quality of wine and beer kits from brand to brand varies dramatically and not always in relationship to price or size of the box. We see concentrates diluted into 23 litre pails that are labelled “juice”.  Also added: dyes for colour, glycerin for body.  Some stores claim their kits are comparable to Winexpert’s, but I beg to differ. Take this simple test. Pour a glass, swirl, sniff, and sip.  This will tell you all you need to know.  Starting specific gravity for our value wine kits: Angel Blanco 1.090, Diablo Rioja 1.095. The higher specific gravity indicates more juice or more malt. Our Barons beer kits typically start at 1.055.  All Winexpert specific gravity readings are higher than many so-called premium kits.  As you progress from our Vintners Reserve & World Vineyard kits all the way up to the Estate Wines, you will legitimately get more weight and character.  Take advantage of our buy ten and receive your 11th kit at half price.  When your 11th kit comes up, by all means, try one of our super premium kits!  As our wine guild approaches 600 provincial, national and international awards there should be no argument that to get the best quality wine and beer is through The Home Vintner using Winexpert kits.

from Paul who is a certified wine judge and CEO of The Home Vintner


This year the Airdrie Fall Fair is on Sunday August 19, 2012 at Genesis Place Rec Centre. Entries must be submitted between 10 am and 1 pm on Saturday Aug 18 in the Gymnasium at Genesis Place. Official entry tags must be used on all exhibits, and these tags are available at the NoseCreekValleyMuseum.

You don't have to live in Airdrie to participate - come on fellow Home Vintners - have your wine and beer judged for free! Info and categories can be found here -click on Events, then click on Fall Fair & download the 2012 booklet.  Wine and Beer Categories can be found on Page 24, or feel free to call Pat @ 403-912-6323 at the Airdrie store.

For our Cochrane customers, the Cochrane & District Old Tyme Country Fair is August 25 and 26 at Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre. For information on entering your wine and beer into competition, click here and then click on Entry Forms and Rules.


Did this July whip by faster than usual? Maybe it was the gorgeous heat spell and the excitement of hosting guests for the 100th Stampede? Or the series of late nights working in the brew room to restock the wine racks and beer fridges? No matter, it was a great one.

So what says summer more than a berry beer? My next batch will feature Saskatoons. I am going to use clear bottles again, like I did with my Wild Blueberry.

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from Terry at our NW store


We truly appreciate you referring The Home Vintner to your family and friends.  Our recent survey revealed that the majority of our new clients come in the door through personal referral.  Our New Client Referral Program works like this - when the new vintner or brewer makes their first kit purchase, you both will receive 10% off the regular price of any Award Winning Winexpert wine or beer kit.  Referral certificates are available in our stores.


Winexpert wine & beer kits occasionally have 2 yeasts.  If your kit contains 2 yeast use both of them. 


Recently I had a customer bring in a bottle of red wine. Rather han having a beautiful nose with full body it was weak and watery.  When we reviewed his fermentation process, we discovered that he had followed the instructions according to the number of days.  Calgary is 3500 feet above sea level which affects the fermentation time line.  Always go by specific gravity!  My standard procedure is to at least double the number of days.  No more than 7 days in the primary and then when the instructions say 14 days, at 28 days I start taking readings.  To cut the fermentation process short will result in a weak wine with low alcohol.  Also, the very important step of extremely vigorous stirring at the start was omitted.  The third problem with the wine was that it was full of CO2.  Talk to our staff about our degassing system using the Vacuvin.

read our article on "number of days"...

read more on the hydrometer from Wikipedia...

from Ron our NW manager, 2011 AB winemaker of the year


This month I recommend our Chianti wine offered in both our Vintners Reserve and Selection Original series.  The pride of Italy's Tuscany region, Chianti wine is one of the most famous and appreciated wines around the world.  The wine itself is derived from a variety of grapes, the dominant grape is Sangiovese.  This blend is strong and bold, a “fruity” wine with cherry, plum, strawberry, spice, almonds, tobacco, vanilla, and coffee. Chianti goes well with well-seasoned foods.  This robust Italian wine has tangy undertones and a slight spiciness.  Ageing uncovers its complex depth of flavour.  I recommend using the Chianti liquid yeast.

Vintners - Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

Selection - Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak Intensity: Medium

read more from Wikipedia... 

from Ron our NW manager, 2011 AB winemaker of the year


Exclusive to The Home Vintner – beer add on packages with instructions and the extra dry ingredients intended to pair with our Barons Beer Kits.
• Belgian Wit – cracked wheat, oats, cracked coriander and orange peel. Use American Lite or Mexican Cerveza and Belgian Wit yeast.
• Cherry Porter – chocolate malt and roasted barley. Use Barons Brown Ale, try Irish Ale Yeast.

read all of our add on packages and recipes...


Our new dark German lager "add on pack" is now available!  A dark German lager that balances roasted yet smooth malt flavours with moderate hop bitterness.

Light to moderate malt flavour, which can have a clean, neutral character to a rich, sweet, Munich-like intensity. Light to moderate roasted malt flavours can give a bitter-chocolate palate that lasts into the finish, but which are never burnt. Medium-low to medium bitterness, which can last into the finish. Light to moderate noble hop flavour. Clean lager character with no fruity esters or diacetyl. Aftertaste tends to dry out slowly and linger, featuring hop bitterness with a complementary but subtle roastiness in the background.

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"I feel you folks are like friends. We talk whenever I visit your store and much to my delight I rarely get away without spending a couple hundred dollars of my allowance.  Love your store and your wonderful products as a matter of fact I have a glass as I am posting here now.  My wife and I are very delighted in all that you folks have recommended over the many years we have dealt with you good folks. Please keep up the great work you do!" Dean

Join us on facebook to enter our draw. To qualify for the draw become a friend of The Home Vintner on Facebook. This months winner of a $25 gift certificate is: Brenna G.

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Each month, every wine or beer purchase automatically enters you into our monthly draw.  Congratulations to Stan Run.. - pick up your $34.95 Breathable Eisch wine glass at the NW store.



The Wine & Beer Class was excellent - even after 5 plus years of learning by experience I received some tremendous tips from the top!  One bonus for us: I didn't know about the $10 birthday bonus for my partner.  Many thanks for the informative and entertaining evening. Don

During August - 2 for 1! First person pays $25.00, the second person is free. If you have taken this course before and would like a refresher there is no charge for you and a guest.

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Cheer on our Olympians with Gold Medal winning Winexpert wines:

• SE German Mosel Valley Gewurztraminer
• SE Stag's Leap Merlot
• SI Spanish Tempranillo with Skins
• SI Australian Chardonnay
• SO White Merlot
• SO Piesporter
• SI Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre

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Vintner's Reserve - continues to set the standard in its category by yielding wines of excellent quality, flavour and aroma.

Vintner's Reserve World Vineyard - featuring popular grape varietals, with grape juices and concentrates from some of the finest growing regions in the world, this 10 litre kit produces high quality wines that you can enjoy within one month after bottling.

Vintner's Reserve Coastal Red - $5 Off

(Red Burgundy) A popular blend reminiscent of the finest French appellation offerings. The dominant grape is pinot noir which produces an exquisite, well-balanced, aromatic red wine that is well rounded and robust. Light in weight, with a juicy summer-fruit character, where bright flavours of raspberry and strawberry abound. Minimal tannins and a good dash of acidity keep the fruit feeling fresh and lively.  A smooth and versatile wine, it may be consumed young, but ages well too.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak Intensity: None

read more - wikipedia... 

Vintner's Reserve Coastal White - $5 Off

(White Burgundy) A fantastic blend of California premium grape varieties with a finishing flavour profile that is distinctively French in style. A full-bodied wine, dominant grape is the chardonnay with a robust flavour, accentuated by an aroma of fresh ripe peaches and apricots. Vital and refreshing, appealing to those who seek dramatic flavour in their white wines.

Sweetness: DRY | Body: MEDIUM | Oak Intensity: NONE

read more - wikipedia...

World Vineyard Australian Shiraz - $5 Off

Australia's route to fame on the world wine stage, Shiraz from Down Under offers lush berry aromas that beg for a hearty whiff. A wine of ripe fullness, its concentrated blackberry fruits and fragrant spiciness are a delight on the tongue - plums, pepper, liquorice, bitter chocolate and mocha. It has the uncanny quality of allowing early consumption despite its complexity and bigness'. Robust and lively, Australian Shiraz is a savoury treat.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

read more - wikipedia...

World Vineyard Australian Chardonnay - $5 Off

Supple and slightly buttery, this wine lingers on the palate with layers of toast and spice with fresh peach, citrus and melon flavors with a hint of vanilla.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

read more- wikipedia... 



Canadian Lager - $4 OFF

A bright golden, smooth, easy drinking lager - with a true Canadian taste that delivers the perfect balance of sweetness with a slightly hoppy bitterness and medium body with a refreshing finish. Clean and clear - crisp and cool.  To make a wonderful wheat beer we sell bags of wheat along with a recipe, try Wyeast American Wheat yeast or Wyeast Kolsch yeast or Belgian Witbier.

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