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New Seasonal Beer at Wild Rose Brewery

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Paul & I headed down to Wild Rose Brewery to celebrate his birthday on the weekend. We both ordered the Jerk Chicken and decided we would try their new Seasonal beer – which is the Belgian Style Dubbel.

Inspired by the traditional beers brewed by Trappist Monks WRB Belgian Style Dubbel is a great way to ward off the Alberta winter chill. Reddish brown in colour with a rich malty sweetness, this complex brew had us noticing new flavours with each sip!

Brewed using the best Alberta-grown malted barley as a base – this beer is enhanced with a blend of three specialty malts that provide sweet notes of raisin and plum. On the tongue it is rich and malty with a nice balance of clove-like spice from the Belgian yeast used in fermentation. Full of flavour, this delicious brew is deceptively light on the palate.

Food Pairings ~ The dark malt and caramelized flavours of the Belgian Style Dubbel makes it a great match with a beef stew, rib roast, or rich gamey dishes like lamb. Thinking about something sweet? This brew is heavenly when paired with chocolate!

It is also available in 650 ml bottles – we took some home!! Now for a Home Vintner recipe! hhhmmmmmmmm…………

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