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Never judge a beer by it’s description

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I just got back from Vancouver. While there I was doing a lot of tasting of craft beers, and have found a wildly diverse interpretation of styles. There is a lot of very good beers, but also a number of clumsy attempts. Many were out of balance and/or over-bitter for the type or style. They were not at all what you should expect from the brewer’s claims.

My concern for our beer customers is that is they try a Kolsch or a White IPA, and it’s not very good, that they will judge all of them on their poor experience.

With the rapid expansion of the craft beer industry and the larger players pretending to be small craft brewers, some of them are doing an excellent job while others not at all.

It’s necessary now to try different breweries claiming to make the same beer to get a better interpretation of that style. We, at The Home Vintner spend a lot of time and research making sure that our beer kits and add-on packages are balanced and true to style.