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Modifying the Gravity of your Barons Beer Kits

Modifying the Gravity of your Barons Beer Kits

You can manipulate the specific gravity of your Baron’s kit by adding less water to the primary fermenter.  The kits contain 7 liters of high-gravity wort.  When the kit is prepared with 16 liters of water, the original gravity is between 1.036 and 1.057, depending upon the style.  If you leave part of that water out, say by adding only 12 liters of water, the gravity will increase by %20, and the alcohol content of the finished product will go up 1 to %1.5.  Or you could add only 4 ½ liters of water and make a barley-wine (you’d need an 11.5 litre carboy).  Here is a rough guideline for the effect of changing the kit volume:

Full Volume 23 liters             19 liters                                  11.5 liters

Baron’s North American      Predicted Style                      Predicted Style

American Light                       Maibock/Stock Ale                  Barley Wine

Canadian Draught                Maibock/Stock Ale                  Barley Wine

Canadian Pilsner                    Maibock/Stock Ale                  Barley Wine

Canadian Lager                      Maibock/Stock Ale                  Barley Wine

Mexican Cerveza                    Maibock/Stock Ale                  Barley Wine


Barons Premium                    Predicted Style                    Predicted Style

Brown Ale                               Bock                                        Dopplebock

Pale Ale                                   India Pale Ale                          Barley Wine

Dutch Lager                          Maibock                                  Barley Wine

Redwood Ale                        Bier de Garde                          Barley Wine

Amber Ale                              Old Ale                                     Barley Wine


These are only suggestions for the stylistic changes; they will also be greatly influenced by the yeast used to ferment the beer, and the addition of any hops or grains to the fermentation.

Expect the 11.5 liter beers to have an estery, fruity quality, with caramel and banana aromas and flavours

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