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Milagro – Commercial Comparison

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Every year we put time and effort into finding a commercial comparison for the upcoming LE wine release. While this will never be exactly the same as what you can expect from your wine, it does serve to give you an idea of what you may expect. If you are interested and want to try this wine in advance, or pick it up to try against your home crafted wine later, here’s the pick for the LE16 Milagro from Valencia Spain.

Lombana Guelbenzu 05, Ribero del Queiles. We found this wine at Craft Cellar, and it retails in the $35 range. They currently have this wine in stock. The nose on this wine led with black currant/plum, cherry and then spice from the oak with a hint of liquorice or anise. The taste was an equal dance on the palate – starting with spice and dark cherry. In the middle, the tannins brought a mouth watering effect, which then transformed the finish into plum/black currant, anise, oak (cedar – shavings).

We tasted this wine with a few pairings. Our favorite pairing mimicked regional cuisine and really brought the wine to a courtyard with music in the sun with friends! Try fresh cut rolls of salami such as Genoa (not the highly spiced version) and Manchego cheese cubes at room temperature. The salami accented a mouth watering aspect in the wine while retaining the fruit and pushing forward the cherry. The Manchego also made the wine mouth watering.

In conclusion – this wine really can stand alone and be enjoyed with it’s complexity. Pair with spicy food to amp up the spice in the wine, and with fatty foods like cold cuts and cheese to highlight the fruit.

Find LE16 Milagro here….

Find a recipe from WinExpert here……

Get on the wait list for LE16 here..Please let us know which kits, how many, and which store you wish to pick up from. Thank you.

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