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Meet Derek @ the NorthEast Calgary store

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My name is Derek Oancia and I met Craig Tullis in 2002 or so when we were both working for the phone company.   I tried some of his home brewed wine and beer and was very impressed with them.  I did not think I had enough room in my little bungalow to make my own, but by 2004, Craig convinced me to try and mentored me in the process.

My first batches of beer and wine were completed in the fall of that year.  They were both excellent and my friends were all very delighted when I shared these with them.  Unfortunately, my supply ran out before my next batches were complete, so I went out and purchased enough carboys and primary fermentors to provide a continuous supply.

Since that time, I have convinced many friends to make their own beer and wine, and have made 61 batches of wine and 86 batches of beer, all of which have been enjoyed by me and my friends.  I conservatively estimate that I have saved well over $10,000 by home brewing rather than purchasing my beer and wine.

I now enjoy working part time at the North East Calgary Home Vintner location, in fact I will be working there for the month of March to cover for Craig on vacation, and I would be delighted to share beer and wine making stories with anyone who is interested.

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