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Medals Won in WineMaker Magazine International Amateur Wine Competition

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Congrats to our customer, Dave Bracey, who won 2 Bronze Medals in the WineMaker Magazine Wine Competition!    There were 4,235 entries, making it the largest amateur competition of its kind in the world with entries from all 50 American states, 9 Canadian provinces and 5 countries.

Dave won 2 Bronze in the 2011 competition:

1) Other White Vinifera Blend category with his 2009 Pacific Quartet Selection Limited Edition – there were 126 entries in this category.

2) Red Vinifera Blend category –  2008 Luna Rossa Selection Original series – there were 588 entries in this category.

In 2010, Dave also took a Bronze in the Pinot Noir category with his 2007 Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir Selection Estate series – 117 entries in this category.

In 2009, he won Silver in the Blush / Rose Red Vinifera category with his 2007 White Merlot Selection Original series – 55 entries in this category.

Well done, Dave !   Another testament to Winexpert products!      Dave is going to send us more info on wine he and his wife, Jan, sampled during their recent trip to the Okanagan ( Summerland region ) sometime soon.    Looking forward to hearing about that!

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