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Market Research in Victoria !

On a recent journey to Vancouver Island, I had the opportunity to stop and visit one of my favourite places. While the choices could range from the breakwater, to Beacon Hill Park, East Sooke Park, or the Galloping Goose Trail; this particular attraction is “Spinnakers Spirit Merchants”. Even the name sounds exotic.

This store carries a wide range of microbrewery beers with a strong focus on the local market offerings. I always have a goal in mind when hitting the store. Last visit it was IPA’s, this visit it was darker or interesting sounding ales. After much conversation and fun at the shop, I came away with my decided luggage limit of the three beers in the picture below.

As my Dad had come for a walk with me to the store, there was lots of discussion on the walk back about why did I pick the beers below. I had lots of answers about choosing to make darker beers at home right now, and the flavours and malts, yeasts and hops to choose from in crafting our home beers, and the desire to try market beers to get ideas. In the end my answer came down to “market research for work”, which we both found to be a hilarious justification for filling my suitcase with beer! I love Victoria.

The Home Vintner Airdrie

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