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LE15 Stunning Wines Today: Winning Competitions Tomorrow

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It’s competition time again for The Home Vintner Wine Guild!

Our wines have been carefully selected and sent to WineMaker Magazine for inclusion in the 2016 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition. Last year there were ten countries represented with 2825 bottles judged. Of note, all four of our Guild members won at least 2 medals last year, with 12 medals in total – including a GOLD for three of our entrants. It makes you wonder…. how is that even possible? It’s the Golden Triangle of Competition!

  1. Quality of Product – WinExpert offers a large range of wine kits, many of which have been entered in competition and placed remarkably well. Island Mist kits medal consistently, as do the 10L kits and Selection kits.  The jewel in the crown of competition is still the Limited Release wines that come out seasonally each year. Since so much time and effort goes into making these wine kits, it’s no wonder that Guild members choose them, make them, and then compete with them. At The Home Vintner we can provide you with all of these Award Winning kits!
  2. Technique – Sound technique is the backbone to making your wine… Shine! Every staff member at The Home Vintner is either a Provincial, National or Internationally awarded winemaker, with some Best of Show or even Winemaker of the Year! We all make wine and/or beer, and we are all passionate about our “hobby” in making Award Winning Wines. You can make new friends who are just as passionate about making high quality wines and beers as you are. It’s fun! So please – Use us! Ask questions! Come to our classes! Share and learn along with us! 
  3. Storage – Competition is a patience game. Most wine needs time to age and change before it can be considered ready to compete. Putting effort and thought into this step of the process will give your wine the award winning edge it needs! Ask any of our professionals about the best method to store your wine and beer.

Your success is our success, so please let our success be your success!

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